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When I was driving full time I would receive all kinds of questions from fans but there was one that always popped up:

How do I get into racing?

The question would come from all types of people from those who just wanted to do track days and those who wanted to work on a race team.  At first, I would do my best to explain where to start based off of my own experience and then I started asking the mechanics, truck drivers and engineers how they got started.  It eventually raised a question in my own head:

How is it that after 100+ years of motorsports, people STILL have zero clue where to get started?

This single question spawned Motorsports Bazaar.  At the time, I was driving full time and frankly only cared about that.  However, on my drives to and from the track and then time at home looking for the answers, so I could respond better, I kept coming up empty.

What the hell has the industry been doing for 100+ years that even racing fans, people with skills who love the sport, have no place to find out and access the sport and industry itself?  If there is one single trait that motorsports needs from those who work in it, its passion.  This section of Motorsports Bazaar is, as you guessed it, is geared specifically for mechanics, fabricators, truck drivers and those with trade skills and love working on cars.

The answer at the time and still is the case was always, “You have to know someone in the sport or on a team.”

We hope to change that over the coming years with our entire network of websites.

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