Start Driving | Introduction

by Andrew PrendevilleAugust 14, 2018

Driving a race car is one of the most fun and intense things you can do in life.  It requires your entire body to even attempt it and it is far more mentally draining than many might believe.

The biggest misconception that most beginners have is that because they drive “well” on the street, they assume that they know what they are doing on a race track while pushing a car to its limits.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Other misconceptions:

  1. I have been going to races as a fan for my whole life, therefore I know what I am doing
  2. I play tons of video games including proper simulators, therefore it will be the same
  3. If I buy the best car I can afford, then I will dominate drivers in lesser cars

We have three categories within the “Start Driving” main category:

  1. Amateur – For the true beginners, track day and club racing drivers
  2. Intermediate – For the advanced track day, club racing and beginner professionals
  3. Professional – Speaks for itself

We will be writing from the ground up going from the very beginning of the thought process, on through purchasing your first driver’s equipment, track or race car and other equipment and then finally to the race track.  We aim to provide the most valid information for every step of the process so that you start out correctly and arrive at the track prepared and with an understanding of how things are going to go.

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