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August 14, 2018

Start Wrenching | Introduction

When I was driving full time I would receive all kinds of questions from fans but there was one that always popped up:

How do I get into racing?

The question would come from all types of people from those who just wanted to do track days and those who wanted to work on a race team.  At first, I would do my best to explain where to start based off of my own experience and then I started asking the mechanics, truck drivers and engineers how they got started.  It eventually raised a question in my own head:

How is it that after 100+ years of motorsports, people STILL have zero clue where to get started?

This single question spawned Motorsports [...]

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August 14, 2018

Start Sim Racing | Introduction

Sim Racing is rapidly becoming the main starting point for those who want to drive.  The monetary risk and risk of bodily harm are some of the main reasons for this.  The other main reason is the ease of access.  You can purchase even the most basic equipment necessary for around $350 instead of a physical car, equipment, etc., for significantly more money.

So where do we begin with Sim Racing?

What is the simulator level racing and what is a game?  Is there really a difference?  Absolutely!

As a basic rule, a true simulator will not allow you to drive the car from any other position than the driver’s seat.  If you are able to drive and race from any [...]

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August 14, 2018

Start Driving | Introduction

Driving a race car is one of the most fun and intense things you can do in life.  It requires your entire body to even attempt it and it is far more mentally draining than many might believe.

The biggest misconception that most beginners have is that because they drive “well” on the street, they assume that they know what they are doing on a race track while pushing a car to its limits.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Other misconceptions:

I have been going to races as a fan for my whole life, therefore I know what I am doing I play tons of video games including proper simulators, therefore it will be the same If I buy the best car I can [...]
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June 19, 2018

What is a Race Car? Introduction

Sure, a race car is a high-performance automobile that is designed to reach it’s maximum capabilities as quickly as possible.  But is that the full story?

The industry and sport have done a poor job of explaining itself over its 100+ year history.  What is the actual purpose of motor racing?  Why do we race around “wasting” vast amounts of fuel, rubber and other materials and fluids just to beat a bunch of other people doing the same thing?  What benefit to human civilization do motorsports provide?

We will start with the car and try to elaborate and simplify what’s going on to the best of our ability.

A racecar is a series of [...]

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June 5, 2018

Welcome to Motorsports Bazaar

We are very glad that you have found our home and we welcome you all with open arms to the world of motorsports in all of it’s forms.

Motorsports Bazaar and its sister site, RaceCar Bazaar is a culmination of a lifetime of motorsports passion and motorsports experience in its many forms.

The Motorsports Bazaar website is the knowledge base for everything racing.  We strive to explain in excruciating detail what the sport is really about far beyond the generic race results and gossip stories that dominate the space.  You will find articles on everything from racecar technology to entering the sport as a driver, engineer, mechanic and other fields; from [...]

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